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Laid back and quiet island

Located on the northern Leeward Islands, this Caribbean island of the Netherlands is known as St. Eustatius, Statius or Statia. With a reputation of being a laid back and quiet island, Statia boasts of an unparalleled old town charm. Statia is known for its untouched nature and laid back atmosphere, so naturally, you won’t see or hear about any big airline commercial flights disrupting the peace of this quaint paradise. Flights to Statia are connected through a short flight from St. Martin. St. Eustatius is a small Caribbean island with an area that spans 21 square km / 13 square mile. Navigating through the island is fairly easy since it is almost impossible to get lost. Check out the options below to see how you can get around Statia during your vacation. Diving is a must do at St. Eustatius. Discover the beauty of the underwater world that Statia has to offer. The water surrounding Statia is a protected Marine Park, which is filled with pristine reefs, a wide selection of wrecks, historical dive sites, volcanic fissures and beautiful walls. The reefs are in incredible shape, making diving on St. Eustatius an unforgettable experience for all level divers. There are 36 dive spots on the island and they can all easily be reached with a boat ride of 5 to 20 minutes. Most people come to Statia to enjoy the sleepy old-town vibes and the quiet and laidback atmosphere the island brings. But when it comes to outdoor activities, diving is the one sport that mainly stands out. However, this quaint island has much more to offer. Read on to find out the top 10 trips you could do on this island paradise. Hiking Trails There are a number of hiking trails that suit every level all over St. Eustatius. Nature lovers get to enjoy panoramic views of the island while getting some ample exercise. Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical Gardens This park is dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of Statia's ecosystem. The gardens were first established in 1998 and are a must-visit when you're on the island. The St. Eustatius Historical Foundation Museum Museums are always a fantastic way to get to know more about the culture and history of a place. This museum features prehistoric archaeological displays, re-creations of 18th-century life on Statia. The Quill Conquer the highest peak on the island. The Quill is a dormant volcano that stands at 2,000ft / 600m. It is surrounded by lush tropical greenery and provides those who climb it, a view nothing short of magical. Oranjestad What better way is there to get to know a place than by immersing yourself in the center of its culture. Oranjestad is the island's capital and is rich with historic buildings and even better stories. Ecotourism The island has quickly been gaining popularity as an ecotourism destination. With two dormant volcanoes, a small rainforest, and a number of hiking trails, ecotourists have become fascinated with exploring these wonderful sights that Statia has to offer. The Beaches Oranje Bay The black and tan sand beaches on the Caribbean side of Statia are the perfect spots to sit, unwind and truly feel like you're in an island paradise. These beaches have calm and safe waters which make the conditions perfect for swimming and getting some sun. Enjoy a glorious sunset Make sure you take the time to watch a beautiful Caribbean sunset over the ocean. Most people become too preoccupied with day to day activities that they forget how magical it is to witness how the day ends and the evening begins. What better place to remember to pause and watch this everyday miracle than from the view off paradise? Statia is a well-preserved island with a lot of above-ground and underwater attractions to choose from. The island provides countless experiences to ensure that you have an unforgettable vacation.

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