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Rich in tradition and legacy

UNESCO World Heritage Designation

Welcome to Barbados, the easternmost island in the Caribbean and a country best renowned for its rum and sugar production. Barbados is an island rich in tradition and legacy, which you can witness through the friendly residents' warm smiles, tasty food, overpowering rum, and rhythmic music. The gorgeous white sand beaches, cheeky green monkeys, gorges, and caves on this tiny island make it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The vibrant city of Bridgetown is a joy to explore; take a stroll through its lovely streets and find about the city's interesting history. Don't forget to try some of the fresh seafood, particularly the flying fish. When you're ready to explore more, get in a private car and choose between going on a hike or swimming with sea turtles. Figure 1 Carlilse Bay, Barbados We strongly advise tourists to visit the island's East Coast to view the stunning coastline and crashing waves that come directly from the Atlantic Ocean. Snorkeling in Carlisle Bay, where there are six shipwrecks covered in coral and teeming with colorful fish and sea turtles, is another activity that is quite popular among visitors to Barbados. If you're thinking about visiting the lovely island of Barbados, here are some things that should be on your bucket-list. • Ride a Horse along the Bath Beach Bath beach is a to favorite for the riders to enjoy a nice ride along the ocean. A moonlit sunset trip is recommended for those who enjoy romance and want to see the Atlantic Ocean glitter. Warm sand, clean water, and a pleasant ambiance make it the perfect location for relaxation. Bath Beach is now a real melting pot of cultures, despite the fact that it was largely Italian-American in the past. It must be seen without a doubt. • Swim with Turtles It's among the top activities in Barbados, especially if you love animals. If you swim around the coast and the boat, you almost certainly will encounter some turtles. You may simply stroll outside from popular beaches like Paynes Bay, Sandy Lane, or Folkstone Marine Park, and you're likely to see some. Do not attempt to touch or otherwise interact with the turtles; instead, be respect of their surroundings. You can enjoy the breathtaking beech scenery and surfer's paradise while staying at The Southern Palm Barbados in luxury and style. • Barbados Polo Clubs and Fields Polo, a thrilling and quick-paced activity that attracts teams from all over the world, is one of Barbados' most well-liked sports. Barbados now features five polo grounds of the highest caliber: the Barbados Polo Club, Lion Castle, Apes Hill Polo Club, Clifton Polo Club, and Buttals Polo Club. As more regional and international teams travel to the island to play in the games during the Barbados Polo Season, which runs from December to April, polo is becoming more and more popular. This is due to the amazing Barbados atmosphere and settings as well as the friendly competition between the various teams. • Harrison's Cave One of Barbados's greatest attractions, the majestic Harrison's Cave, is located right in the middle of the island. An extraordinary gallery of stalactites and stalagmites that rise from the ground and the cave's roof make up Harrison's Cave, a singular natural phenomenon. It's a place where you can be sure have a time of your life, thanks to underground waterfalls, crystal clear pools, and stalagmites and stalactites developed over thousands of years. • Bathsheba Beach Bathsheba Beach is located on the island's east coast. An unspoiled rocky landscape sculpted by the Atlantic Ocean. Explore the area by taking a drive down the coast. It's one of the top activities to do in Barbados, especially if you're already on the island's wild coast. You can also visit The Hunte's Gardens, located about 4 miles southwest of Bathsheba Beach in St. Joseph parish, offers a diversity of plants within a valley. • Mount Gay Rum Tour It goes without saying that any trip to Barbados will include a fair amount of rum. It's the island's favorite beverage. A trip to Mount Gay is the best way to truly get into the true essence. They provide tours every hour that are both interesting and entertaining. And the best part is that they begin with rum punch and end with tastings of three of the distillery's best-sellers. • The Carlisle Bay The Carlisle Bay Marine Reserve, just offshore of Bridgetown, is an excellent place for snorkeling since it has five shipwrecks, a tone of reef and predatory fish, as well as a massive number of turtles, all in shallow seas. The majority of the locations are not very far from the shore and may be reached by taking a nice swim. Many of the beach clubs along the bay provide free transportation out to the reefs if you're having problems leaving your lounger. Children-friendly tourists admire the bay's tranquil waters and beautiful surroundings, while adventure seekers gush over the range of activities available. Visitors can arrange for beachside horseback riding or hire Jet Skis and other water sports equipment from local vendors. • Animal Flower Cave The only accessible sea cave on the island, Animal Flower Cave, is situated beneath the North Point cliffs in St. Lucy parish and is named for its sea creatures. It's worth the trip from your hotel location to spend at least an hour wandering the caves and taking in the scenery, even though the cave is not as well-known as Harrison's Cave. Depending on the weather, you might be able to swim in the cave's rock ponds, so you should dress in your swimsuit underneath your clothes and carry a towel. • Crop Over Festival Plan a trip to Barbados in early August to take part in the Crop Over Festival, the island's biggest cultural celebration, during its peak. The Grand Kadooment, a gigantic celebration through Bridgetown's streets with 15,000 brightly dressed bands and dancers, is the primary attraction. Visitors are more than welcome to participate in the festivities. • Oisitns Fish Fry Every Friday night, Oistins hosts Barbados' biggest party when the renowned fish fry draws what seems like the entire island to this small community in the southwest. Grab some tasty meal, observe locals playing dominoes, or simply listen to the stage's Caribbean music. An ideal location on the Island to end a Friday night. It truly is among the top things to do on a Friday night in Barbados. What is the Best Time to Travel to Barbados? There are a few factors to consider when deciding when to travel to Barbados. Barbados experiences mild weather all year round with average highs of 23 to 30 degrees Celsius. The Caribbean has a dry and wet season, with December to March being a wonderful time to travel for bright sunny days. It does tend to get crowded around Christmas, so if you can time your visit outside of the major holiday periods, you'll have more time to explore the Island. The Caribbean experiences its rainy season from May to October, which also brings with it increased humidity. A lot of people think that from March to May is the best time to travel. The shoulder season means fewer people are around, but the weather is still pleasant and warm.

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