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Top 9 Caribbean Best Walking Beaches

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The Caribbean offers some of the best beaches in the world with a variety of activities.

These beaches remain on the bucket list of beach enthusiasts and water sport lovers.

They are famous for glorious blue skies, tropical weather, turquoise waters, sandy shores and glamorous resorts.

Fine powdery sand makes these pristine shores, amazing to walk whereas some parts of beaches have gifts from the sea (not sharks and whales but corals and sea shells) which make these areas, not so walkable.

We are presenting you the eight best beaches in the Caribbean for walking and relaxing.



It is located on the South Coast of the island.

The sea is quite active but there are no strong currents. (A lifeguard is on duty to bring you back, if you run, jump in the water and regret it :D )

This area is popular for Hobie Cat Sailing, boogie boarding, wind surfing, jet skiing and many other water activities.

You can safely try some new water activities which you have never tried before.

It is excellent for a stroll or walk because the sand is clean and soft.

There are many bars and beach huts to grab food and drinks.


Swimmers love Mullet Bay due to the crystal clear water but sometimes shore gets strong ocean currents that is not good for new swimmers.

Normally, it is a calm area with lesser crowds as compared to Maho Bay and Orient Bay.

It is next to the golf course and Grand Casino where different games can be enjoyed

Southern side of the coast has rocks, stones and algae which make it difficult to swim in the water.

This is a wonderful place to enjoy a walk on the soft sand. There are no rocks and sea weed in the main walking areas of the beach

Chairs and umbrellas are available for rent that is about $15 for a day.


Cabbage beach is a perfect beach for walk. Powdery, clean sand and crystal clear azure water makes it a very relaxing stroll.

It has less tourist crowds and many secluded areas to enjoy some special moments.

There are endless tropical views and scenic beauty.

Cabbage beach is perfect to enjoy a long walk with your partner and express your love.