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First blue destination of the world

Divers Paradise

The Dutch Caribbean Island, which is located outside of the hurricane belt and slightly above South America, is a picture-perfect location. People are outnumbered by vibrant pink flamingos, thousands of multicolored fish are swimming just beneath the clean water's surface, and wild donkeys are free to wander in an area surrounded by mountains. The island of Bonaire could be the last of its type. Because it is not just a little Caribbean Island that lies just below the Hurricane Belt, it has also not yet been affected by tourism. There's truly never a bad time to visit Bonaire, despite the fact that you're probably ready to make travel arrangements there right now. You're not alone if you've never heard of Bonaire, so don't worry. Despite the fact that Bonaire's waters are renowned as some of the greatest in the world for underwater adventures, and despite the fact that this little island has long been a haven for the Netherland, few foreigners are familiar with its name. But everything is about to change. Diver's Paradise: Things to Do in Bonaire Going to Bonaire Island is a true delight. The island enjoys unparalleled natural beauty. You will feel Bonaire's charm wash over you from the minute you arrive. It spreads from the depths of its crystal-clear seas to the height of the tallest mountain. The beautiful underwater environment of the Bonaire National Marine Park is the island's biggest attraction. Bonaire's coral reefs are home to a vast range of gorgeous tropical fish and other colorful marine animals. Because Bonaire is not in a hurricane zone, the coral is of very good quality and completely intact. Bonaire is unquestionably a diver's paradise. There are various diving locations that are easily accessible and that you may dive on your own. Bonaire is home to a number of excellent dive operators whose primary focus is on your diving experience. They can supply you with equipment and air, take you on boat trips with one or more dives, and train you to become certified. Divers with higher experience can dive into the hardest and most remote locations on Bonaire's east shore. Be prepared to encounter spotted eagle rays, stingrays, sharks, green moray eels, and turtles. Bonaire Snorkeling Bonaire offers more than just the greatest Caribbean shore diving. It also offers the greatest snorkeling. A seminar on fish identification is offered by Van der Valk Plaza Beach Resort, and an identification card is available at the gift store in the lobby. You should make time to snorkel on Bonaire, whether it's to learn about tropical fish in general, to see how many different kinds of fish you can see, or just for the beauty of the experience. Windsurfing In addition to diving, Bonaire has established itself as a well-known windsurfing location. The stunning lagoon at Sorobon, Lac Bay is the ideal location for this adrenaline-pumping adventure. Bonaire has been ranked as the best location to learn and develop your windsurfing abilities by Windsurfing Magazine! It is true that the world's greatest place for learning and developing combines flat, shallow water, onshore wind, skilled teaching, and specialized equipment for all levels. Don’t Miss Out on the White Beaches There are fantastic beaches in the Slagbaai National Park, as well as No Name beach on the deserted island of Klein Bonaire. Right in the center of the island's capital are the extremely well-known Donkey Beach, Bachelor's Beach, horseshoe beach and Te Amo Beach. All of the Caribbean Sea turtle species have substantial breeding areas on the beaches of Bonaire. If you're fortunate, you could get to see a turtle's nest hatch for yourself! Salt Mining in Bonaire One of the primary sources of revenue in Bonaire is salt mining. The salt pyramids of Bonaire are not only a famous feature that welcomes visitors to the island, but they also represent a business that has been a part of the island's history going back thousands of years. The sea, wind, and sun—elements that are present every day in Bonaire—are primarily responsible for the salt-mining process. You may also take the Best of Bonaire tour to find out more about how this activity has accompanied the island through the years and shop for items made from Bonairean salt there. Washington Slagbaai National Park Not only is Bonaire's underwater world stunningly magnificent. The rugged north of the island is home to the spectacular Washington Slagbaai National Park. But once you enter the park, there are hardly any paved roads, so you'll need a reliable vehicle to go about. The Boca Slagbaai Beach, where you may perform the 25-foot cliff leap into the turquoise seas, is located after you reach the group of yellow buildings at the park's edge. Just make sure to observe the locals first so you can learn the proper technique. The gorgeous Kralendijk is located in the heart of Bonaire on the west coast and serves as the Caribbean island's political, cultural, and commercial hub. The flat south contains stunning salt pans and a turquoise lagoon encircled by distinct mangrove vegetation. Visit the churches in the area. According to the tourism bureau, Bonaire features a wonderful tiny church in the capital as well as numerous other churches across the island. If you're lucky enough to be in town for Carnaval, there is a week-long festival featuring parades and events for both adults and children. La Balandra: A Must Visit La Balandra, one of Bonaire's most romantic hiding places, is intended to give you the impression that you are dining on a historic Spanish ship even though you are actually within the Harbor Village Beach Club. Passengers on cruises have two choices here: Pay a $50 or so resort fee to gain access to the restaurant, the private beach, the lounge chairs, the diving store, and other amenities. Or, you may only pay for the restaurant. Final Thoughts Even those looking for an active holiday on Bonaire but who do not dive have arrived at the right place. On the Caribbean Island, there are a wide variety of activities that anyone can enjoy, including windsurfing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, sailing, mountain biking, land sailing, hiking, and horseback riding. There are several excellent restaurants that provide delicious cuisine from throughout the world. In fact, almost every restaurant's menu includes recently caught fish. Bonaire has a relaxed environment reminiscent of "the good old days." There are no roadways or traffic signals here. People are nice and laid-back, and they still greet one another on the street. Bonaire is not a vacation island with large crowds. And everything on this island continues to move at the slow pace of the Caribbean. Come to Bonaire and unwind...

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1000 Steps

The beach of 1000 Steps thanks its name to the limestone stairs you have to descend to get there.Diving and snorkeling

Lac Bay

Lac is the biggest lagoon of the ABC Islands, 700 hectares. The ecosystem of Lac is very fragile. 

Lac Cai Beach

Cai is a beautiful beach area hidden in the eastern part of Bonaire's mangroves.

Beach Front Hotels Bonaire

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Sorobon Beach Resort

Sorobon Beach Resort is by a natural bay in the east of Bonaire. The resort offers a unique private sandy beach, with shaded cabanas and beach beds. The guests are invited to its fully equipped chalets.

Boca Slagbaai 

The offshore coral gardens at this beach are fun to explore while snorkeling, and the conditions are usually ripe for swimming. 

Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire is a small uninhabited island located just off the coast of Bonaire.

Pink Beach 

Pink Beach gets its color from the crushed shells of millions of microscopic bright pink sea creatures called foraminifera.

Salt Pier

One of the primary sources of revenue in Bonaire is salt mining. The salt pyramids of Bonaire are not only a famous feature that welcomes visitors to the island, but they also represent a business that has been a part of the island's history going back thousands of years.

The Washington Slagbaai

The Washington Slagbaai National Park comprises two former land plantations, Washington & Slagbaai, totaling just under 14,000 acres.

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